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  • Italian Federal Sailing Center
    Italian Federal Sailing Center
  • Summer-camp for 6-17 years
    Summer-camp for 6-17 years
  • Sail-Bus Service
    Sail-Bus Service
  • One-to-one Lessons
    One-to-one Lessons
  • Kite-Surf
  • Wind Surf
    Wind Surf

Marina di Asfodeli

Sailing School

Our sailing school aims to bring young people closer to the sea by transmitting love and respect for the environment that surrounds us.

The guiding principle of our work is the protection of the environment and the preservation of our ecosystem. Transmitting the sailing culture becomes therefore a mission with the aim of transmitting the love for the sea and its preservation in young people.

We organize different levels courses throughout the year.

During summer (starting from June) the courses become summer camps that give the possibility to children and teenagers, from 6 to 17 years of age, to live a full immersion experience in the sea all day long. From Monday to Friday from 9AM to 4PM young sailors will be involved in training and in different recreational activities linked to the sea and sailing. Lunch at the restaurant of our Marina is included in the cost of participation. A shuttle service is available for picking up and bringing back the youngsters.

There is also the possibility to follow one-to-one courses with a private teacher where the youngster will choose his boat and start his personalized teaching.

The day begins with a theoretical-practical lesson, which always maintains a playful spirit and creates socialization, but is very formative for young people, constantly followed and supervised by federal instructors in water and qualified people ashore. The aim of these courses is the participation of the students in the pre-competitive and competitive teams to compete in FIV (federal Italian sailing organization) Regattas.

Marina di Asfodeli

FIV School (Federal Italian Sailing organization)

Our school, recognized by FIV, has boats such as:

  • Optimist (the most widespread drift in the world for the approach to the art of sailing);
  • Laser (Olympic drift);
  • Boston Waler Harpoon 5.2 (stable school and walking dinghies);
  • Hobie Cat 17′ (catamaran);
  • J24 (sailing courses for adults);
  • Brigand 950, cabin cruiser of about 10 m, for cruising courses and club regattas;
  • Inflatables, trolleys for transporting boats.

These are apparently simple boats, but in reality capable of teaching all those skills and competencesthat, with fun, make a student a real sailor and athlete.

Learn New Sports!

Wind Surf e Kite Surf Courses

We offer one-to-one lessons or groups of up to 4 people of KITE SURF and WIND SURF with the expertise and supervision of Paolo Silvestri:

  • 9 times Italian Windsurf champion
  • Founder of the Italian Kitesurfing Federation (of which he is president)
  • 40 years of career

We offer courses on the catamaran from which students will be able to learn Paolo Silvestri’s teachings near the most beautiful and renowned beaches of Emerald Coast.